Lazarus is Dead

20 March 2022 James Clawson
𝕃azzie Bear and I said our goodbyes during one of my many teenage urges to grow up faster, but the sight of a hatted, scarved polar bear still evokes everything of childhood Christmas. Only the name … Read More →

Introducing Stylo2gg

1 September 2020 James Clawson
𝔽or the past few years, I’ve been using the R package stylo1 to study authorship in early modern texts and style in twentieth-century texts.2 The package is incredibly useful for gathering word … Read More →

Updates to Word Vector Utilities

27 August 2020 James Clawson
𝕌pdates to the code for word vector utility functions add new capabilities, change old behavior, and need an explanation. […] A year of using and fiddling with w2v_utilities has led to more … Read More →

Word Vector Utilities

12 August 2019 James Clawson
𝕊ubstantial changes to these functions are explained here: This July, I was very fortunate to be a participant at the Word Vectors for the … Read More →

Selecting a Better Corpus

30 May 2019 James Clawson
ℕot long after posting the previous blog post, “Selecting a Literary Corpus from Wikipedia”, I realized there was better way to go about everything. Rather than hard coding the specific Wikipedia … Read More →

Selecting a Literary Corpus from Wikipedia

27 March 2019 James Clawson
𝕊electing a sufficiently sized collection of texts for historical analysis is tough. When I try to list all the novels I can think of to provide context for a project, I’m bound to get it wrong some … Read More →

Why Blog, Why Today?

28 January 2019 James Clawson
𝕀t’s 2019: The pond and the fry-up both feature bigger fish. This is the perfect time not to start a blog, yet here I am, even going so far as to address an empty venue as if there were already an … Read More →